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Our Story

A family run business located in the heart of Bangkok. Rugscorner was founded by Mr. Saleem Akbar, when his interest in the crafts of rug making sparked in the year 1968, in Pakistan - where the art is commonly practiced. The business was passed down to three more generations since then. Imran Akbar, current owner of Rugscorner, aspired to spread the in depth knowledge that he obtained. Thus, the business extended to South East Asia’s Thailand; The land of smiles.

A Wide Selection - Designs, Colours, Sizes, Materials and Age 

Many shipments of rugs are on display here to inspire admirers of the arts. Imran Akbar - an expert on oriental rugs - has had the pleasure of travelling the world and exploring different designs from various countries.  We are proud to offer the finest carpets sourced from all over the world.

Excellence and Professionalism 

We strive for a professional and comfortable experience here at Rugscorner. As you walk into the wondrous world of handmade carpets and rugs, your enjoyment and relaxation is our priority. We are determined to guide you, so that the best possible decision is made. Selecting a carpet or rug should be a memorable experience, as it is a life time purchase. Together, we’ll discover plenty of options that will fulfill your needs magnificently.

"Dealing and Making Carpets for 3 Generations"
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